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Riverside Market Throwing Spring-Break Homebrew Competition

Sure, you like craft beer.

Maybe you even like it a lot.

Maybe you like it so much, you can detect the differences among Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout, Rogue's Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout, and Founders Oatmeal Stout just from a whiff of the nose.

If the latter sounds like you, chances are, you're also into homebrews.

Next Saturday, the Riverside Market is hosting a spring-break homebrew competition for beer geeks, just like you.

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Taking place on Saturday, April 5, at 7 p.m., the gathering will bring together beer lovers, homebrewers, and those looking to remember the good old times of Fort Lauderdale for a beer-a-thon.

The competition will highlight a number of styles from local at-home beer producers. Local beer experts will be moderating the contest, including Riverside owners Julian and Lisa Siegel, New Times' beer columnist Doug Fairall, Lauren Bowen of Harpoon Brewery, and Ryan Sentz, owner and head brewer of Funky Buddha Brewery.

The categories include IPA, Double IPA, Stout, Pale, Amber, Belgian, Tutti Fruity, Brown, Malt Beverage, Porter, Lager, People's Choice, and Judge's Choice.

The team with the most bona fide vintage spring -break style will win extra prizes -- don't worry: You have time to gather your leg warmers or parachute pants. Costumes, props, and themed beers are highly encouraged.

"Reflecting on my youth and growing up on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, there's no better way to remember experiences long forgotten of the Candy Store, which has given way to high-rises, the Button South, now a parking lot... Wet T-shirt and belly-flop contests have been replaced by juice bars and e-cigarettes," says Julian Siegel. "Unruly teens lining a temporary concrete wall with feathered hair and dolphin shorts have been replaced with bearded beer enthusiasts gazing at a wall of 550 craft beer bottles."

So far, only 403 Brewing, Angry Union Brewing, and Midnight City Brewing, but Julian is expecting to see others sign up.

Competitors will be accepted until April 1.

Since it's taking place during locals' most despised time of year, Julian wanted to commemorate the history of his beloved hometown.

"We are true Lauderdalians and want to keep the spirit of the spring-break party alive," says Julian. "Whoever wasn't around in the '80s will be able to get a sense of true '80s fashion sense with music to match."

The cost to attend is $10, which will get you a sample of each brew in the contest (Julian says to expect about 20).

Riverside Market is located at 608 SW 12th Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-358-8333, or visit

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