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Riverside Market's Homebrew Competition This Saturday; We'll Be There to Judge

Planning on going out for a night on the town this weekend? Maybe hitting up a few bars for their beer selections or maybe grabbing a couple of pints at your local brewery? Or maybe you've got yourself a couple of six-packs of Founders Porter and a copy of Grand Theft Auto V and plan on spending the weekend in?

Don't be a complete recluse -- spend your Saturday night drinking homemade beer from some of the area's top amateur brewers.

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This Saturday, September 21, at 7 p.m., Fort Lauderdale's venerable craft beer hot spot the Riverside Market will host a homebrewing competition to mark the end of summer.

The bash will give beer enthusiasts a chance to meet their local homebrewers as well as partake in sampling beers for a modest fee of $10. Cheer on your friends, make new ones, and perhaps find yourself drinking a beer made by someone who could open the next Due South or Funky Buddha Brewing. Samplers will also be able to vote on a People's Choice winner.

Of course, since this is a competition, there will be a panel of beer judges (including this humble writer) marking down scores and giving feedback to the brewers so they can perfect their recipes. It's a handy and much-sought-after mechanism for homebrewers to make themselves better.

Beer categories for the evening are:

  • Lager
  • Blonde Ale
  • Amber Ale
  • Pale Ale
  • Brown Ale
  • Porter
  • Stout
  • Belgian
  • IPA
  • Double IPA
  • Malt Beverage
  • Tutti Frutti

"Summer has so much significance in South Florida," explains Riverside's owner, Julian Siegel. "For beer enthusiasts, it marks a huge transition: out with the fruit-flavored lagers, the shandies, the supercitrus IPAs, and the wheats. In with the pumpkins, the farmhouse ales, the sessions and the stouts... The end of summer is upon us, and we are still searching for the perfect brew!"

For information regarding the rules and regulations, visit the Riverside Market Home Brew Competition event page or their online registration form.

Of course, the Market will also still be stocked with more than 550 different craft beers, so if homebrew isn't your thing, you can still pick out one of your favorite commercial beers and watch the competition from the sidelines.

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