Robot Displays Great Knife Skills: Apocalypse is Near

There are so many views on how humanity will finally end. Space aliens, greenhouse gases, nuclear holocaust, and zombies all come to mind.

But Clean Plate Charlie believes that when the shit hits the fan it's going to be because of killer robots -- and it's all our fault. Unlike an alien attack, which we can't probably help (though maybe we can stop inviting them over for lunch), we're actually training robots to take over the planet.

For the past 50 years or so, we've been making robots smarter, teaching

them math, language, and how to make cars. Has anyone seen Terminator besides us? It ends badly, people.

Now, the Center for Intelligent Robotics in Kist, Korea has gone one step too far -- they've put a big knife into the hands claws clutches of a robot named CIROS.


is designed as a housekeeping robot. According to the CIR website, he

can set the table, move items, and perform "beverage service". We'd love

to come home to a robot making us a dry martini. Here's the problem:

Robots, being super-intelligent, will want more than to become our Mad Men-era maid. They'll start an uprising. And, thanks to the knife skills they've learned, they'll be armed to take over. 

After watching CIRO hack into that cucumber, you'll never trust your ROOMBA again.

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