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Roho Kitchen Hosts Beer Dinner This Thursday With Mack House

Roho Kitchen, catering purveyors and event space hosts in Davie, is teaming up with nanobrewery the Mack House on February 26 for a five-course beer dinner. The affair, starting at 7:30 p.m., will be presented by Mack House manager Kyle Hatfield and Roho Kitchen's chef, Jorge Montes.

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This isn't the first paired dinner between the two Davie establishments.

"Chef George is a regular at the Mack House," says head brewer Justin Miles. "He drinks all of our in-house [beer] and just thinks of what would be paired great with that specific beer.

"What I'm looking forward to is people's reaction to how the beer and food play off each other: how a beer you may have had before a million times takes on a new flavor when paired with a specific dish and vice versa. Sometimes the beer brings out flavors in the food you may not have noticed before."

For $50 a head, diners will be able to feast upon the following savory dishes, each accompanied with a signature Mack House brewed beer:

First Course

House-cured wild salmon, pretzel croutons, frisee, and whole grain-dill vinaigrette. Paired with Hefeweizen -- subtle flavors of clove and lemon, light-bodied and refreshing.

Second Course

BBLT: Coca-Cola-glazed pork belly, bacon, lettuce, heirloom tomato, and aioli on a potato bun. Paired with Harwick's Ale -- a Belgian-style IPA with intense grapefruit finish.

Third Course

Barley and rabbit stew with mushroom and goat cheese crostini and pine nuts. Paired with Maple Chipotle Ale -- sweet on the nose, smoky heat on the mouth. Made with real maple syrup and dried chipotle peppers.

Fourth Course

Golden-raisin- and apricot-stuffed chicken thigh, coconut-curry sauce, basmati rice, and pickled pear raita. Paired with Downpour IPA -- nice bitterness, floral and citrus flavors, medium-bodied.

Fifth Course

Dulce de leche panna cotta, espresso salt, chocolate porter caramel sauce, and charred hazelnuts. Paired with Nib Slip -- imperial chocolate porter, full-bodied, nicely balanced with a slight citrus and bitter flavor.

A few tickets are still available and can be snagged at the Mack House's website.

Roho Kitchen is located at 8338 W. State Road 84 in Davie. Call 954-200-2895, or visit

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