Ron Paul Family Cookbook: Eat in 2012

The presidential campaign has a long history of merchandise tie-ins. Bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and T-shirts are all popular memorabilia. Heck, Barack Obama's campaign had so much crap to buy, his rallies seemed more like shopping excursions.

Here now is the perfect gift for the Libertarian/Tea Partier who swings Republican on your gift list. The Ron Paul Family Cookbook claims to be "28 pages of tasty recipes from the Paul family and friends."

Ron Paul apparently has high hopes for this little book, as noted in his website's pitch, "this much-in-demand and collectible cookbook will warm your kitchen and your heart."

Wow! Warm the kitchen and the heart? That's better than Mom's apple

pie! By the way, is there a recipe for apple pie? We're not sure, but

we do know that along with eggs, butter, and salt, each recipe calls for

a big heaping spoonful of Libertarian propaganda, as reported by New York Magazine. For instance, here's the recipe for raspberry scones:


Scones: Who are we to order you to make a raspberry scone? You're an

American. You have the God-given right to make your raspberry scones

however you choose. And it's none of our business!

Now we're not sure whether the book has any actual recipes in it. If you want to find out, it's available on Ron Paul's website for $8 plus shipping and handling.

If you have a large shopping list, the book gets discounted the more

you buy, so if you order 100 copies, they're only $2.50 each. Now you

know what to give all the members of your Tea Party group.

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