Rouxbe Online Cooking School Offers Plant-Based Courses; Partnering With Gardein Meatless Protein

These days, you can learn anything and everything online. Because let's be real: Who has time to drive to class, deal with parking hell, then sit through hours and hours of instructionals? Not nobody, not no how.

It only makes sense that cooking schools would be making the migration to online forums too. Founded in 2005, Rouxbe is all-online and has students in more than 180 countries, so it was really at the forefront of the web-based learning revolution.

Best of all, it even offers a plant-based learning track and has partnered with meat-substitute manufacturer Gardein for a meatless protein syllabus.

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The school offers tracks for home cooks, professional cooks (including certification), and health- and wellness-focused cooks, and it has a "Plant-Based Only" option for any of the aforementioned tracks.

And now, to add to its meatless offerings, it's joined forces with Gardein, the hugely popular plant protein manufacturer that's in every store from Walmart to Publix.

The school offers a whole library of lessons, everything from "How-to Cut Using a Chef's Knife" to recipes like "Beefless Bourguignon" -- and an entire syllabus dedicated to plant-based protein. There are 26 featured recipes developed by vegan chef Chad Sarno, Rouxbe's VP of plant-based education. The concoctions use Gardein to re-create popular dishes like Chick'n Enchiladas, Beefless Panang, and Baja Fishless Tacos.

As part of the partnership, you can sign up for a free, seven-day trial via Gardein's website, and should you decide to go for it during the seven days, they'll pay your initiation fee. Then, once enrolled, members who sign up with the Gardein credit pay $4.99 a month and can cancel their membership at any time. If you want to become a kitchen ninja, it's not a bad idea.

To join, visit

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