Rush Limbaugh's Iced Tea : Liberal Repellent?

Say what you will about our neighbor Rush Limbaugh's politics, his big mouth, or his criminal history -- the guy knows how to shill product.

So when he unveiled his line of iced teas last week -- called Two if By Tea and designed to capitalize on Tea Party patriotism -- he wasted no time

pimping it on his website, in emails, on his radio show, and in the middle of stories that are ostensibly about other things.

Rush is selling the flavored water (available in sweet tea, diet, raspberry, and diet raspberry flavors) for $23.76 per case --  12 bottles. That's about double what Arizona Iced Tea retails for. No, you can't buy stock in the company.

His marketing materials include a take on Paul Revere's famous line,

with a call that "The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming!" 

Perhaps drinking this elixir will keep unions, Medicare, environmental

laws, and taxes at bay? 

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