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Saint Patrick's Day Coming Soon: Make Your Own Shots to Celebrate

The time to celebrate is almost here.

The day of Saint Patrick is coming up in just over a week.

In America it's the one day of the year in which everyone wants to have a good time -- and pretend to be Irish for the day.

While most South Floridians will be all decked out in green t-shirts and tutus, with pints of sewage-colored beer, it's not a hard set rule. Other inebriating liquids are allowed.

If you're looking to get drunk without the food coloring (or you just don't like beer), you might as well do some shots.

Mixologist Charles Steadman, managing partner of Jack's Grumpy Grouper, shook up some St. Paddy's day themed shots to help with the festivities.

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Irish Breakfast Shot

(Pictured above.)

"It literally tastes like pancakes, syrup, and bacon in your mouth," says Steadman.

3/4 ounces Jameson Irish Whiskey

3/4 ounces Dekuyper Buttershots

One shot of orange shot

One strip of bacon

Step One: Combine Jameson and Dekuyper in a cocktail mixer with ice, and pour into a shot glass.

Step Two: Pour another shot of chilled orange juice. Place a strip of (cooked) bacon.

Step Three: Shoot the Jameson mixture and chase with the OJ, and then eat the bacon.

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