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Salt Life Offers a Taste of The Ocean in a Multimillion Dollar "Shack"

You know those Salt Life stickers you see everywhere? The idea for them, and the multimillion-dollar company apparel company they created came from Jacksonville.

Salt Life, the company, began in the early 2000s with a group of friends with a passion for fishing, surfing, diving and anything involving the ocean. Today the company's clothes are sold in countless stores across the country.

In 2010 it expanded into food, opening the first Salt Life Food Shack in its hometown. In 2012 they opened a second location in Coral Springs. Two more are planned for Stuart and in St. Augustine.

The fare is everything you might expect to find in a beachside food shack, and then some.

"We focused around the Salt Life world, so we have some dishes from Hawaii, some from the Bahamas," said Greg Saig, who's overseeing the expansion of the company's restaurant arm.

Saig and his partner Jeff Jabot approached Salt Life in 2009 about opening the restaurant. The two ran Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille, another Jacksonville-based chain, for nearly three decades.

They've recruited franchisees who have years of experience running corporate joints. The plan, one of them says, is to open 20 more multimillion-dollar "food shacks" in the coming decade.

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