Sandwich Contest Can Earn You $25k

Sandwich Contest Can Earn You $25k

Now, you've had a good sandwich in your day. Here in Fort Lauderdale, LaSpada's and My Market and Deli make some of the finest. But regular folks can become sandwich artisans too. If you've ever created a kitchen-sink concoction you're proud of, you could be a winner.

A company based in Napa, California, called Mezzetta has set up a little contest where you, amateur Dagwood that you are, can bust out a little (or big!) something that might just stick you in a higher tax bracket next year. They're actually paying $25,000 to the individual who comes up with something that rocks their little wine-country world.

There are three categories you can deal with here: cold, hot, and vegetarian. Last year, a vegetarian sandwich won top honors: an open-faced wine-braised fig and carmelized-onion thingy... from Orlando, no less!

Runners-up were a Vietnamese banh mi and a Kona poor boy. Just looking at the pictures is enough make those salivary glands start secreting.

Entries are judged on appearance, taste, creativity -- and use of Mezzetta products. Better get to it before Blondie comes home and ruins everything.


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