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Schakolad Chocolate Factory Melts Prices This Month

Chocolate is a lot like sandpaper. It smoothes the rough edges off just about everything. Of course, good handmade chocolate can flatten your budget too, one reason why the deal at Schakolad Chocolate Factory is a treat for your sweet teeth. 

Through the end of August, the Davie Factory is offering a "Beat the Heat" special

of $1 chocolates. Mondays are 12-ounce lattes; Tuesdays,

chocolate-dipped pretzels; Wednesday, chocolate-dipped strawberries;

Thursdays, scoop of ice cream; Fridays, chocolate flat rose lollipop.

If you want to check out more of what they do, the Schakolad website is



here's one more Schakolad deal, though it's one-shot and ending soon.

If you've got kids as crazy about chocolate as you are, there's space

available this Thursday in the last chocolate-making for kids in the

season. Cost is $9.50 per child, and the 45-minute class includes a bit

of explanation of chocolate lore and production, then the chance for

each kid to make his/her own chocolate treats, which will probably be

gobbled up on the way home.

On the other hand, it will probably also smooth a few rough edges off your day too.

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