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School Board Bans Trans Fats

No trans-fatty fries allowed

The Miami Dade School Board voted last night to become the first district in the nation to ban trans fats in food - not that you would know it by reading this morning's Herald, which buried the news in the last graf of a story on page 2B.

During last night's meeting, Aventura nutritionist Ronni Litz Julien - who was quoted in a recent New Times piece -- asked the school officials to consider the ban. Turns out, the board had already pondered the issue, and approved it quickly. Julien -- who really should get a medal or something for waiting seven hours to present her issue to the board -- went home at 10 p.m. and celebrated by eating a leftover hamburger.

Julien's proposal is also under consideration by the County Commission. New York and Philadelphia have already approved such bans. There are a few naysayers: New Orleans, and the folks at Critical Miami.

What's next for Julien?

"Broward," she said. "I'm working on getting to the Broward School Board." --Tamara Lush

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