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Sea Level Pairs Oceanside View With Sky-High Prices

With a beautiful view of the Atlantic, a smart head chef, and a killer location in the Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel, Sea Level has got it going on. Constructed in 2009 to complement the hotel's successful fine dining seafood restaurant, 3030 Ocean, Sea Level is a stunning modern building that butts against the beach and the hotel's sprawling pool complex. The issue here is that the restaurant hasn't chosen a dedicated path: It's more casual than the luxe 3030, but prices don't reflect that ($30 for a plate of wahoo, upward of $40 for a rib eye). Seafood starters such as mussels in a rich lemongrass and tomato broth and fried calamari are well and good (under $20 too). But more needs to be done with the sandwiches (the burgers are tepid) and the seafood plates (fish is hardly prepared better than at the Downtowner, but double the cost). Such a great spot; it would be a shame to see it go to waste.
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John Linn

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