Seven-Eleven Offers Free Slurpies on 7/11

7-Eleven, everyone's favorite place to stock up on slurpies, beef jerkey, big gulps and coffee at any time of day or night, is celebrating its birthday on (what else) July 11th!

That's crazy, huh? Like, 7-Eleven's birthday is July 11th (do you think that's a coincidence?) In any event, we care only because we get the present - a free slurpie!


 Just become a fan of their Facebook Birthday Page and on Monday, July 11th  you'll get a reminder to print out your coupon. Get there early because we have a feeling they're going to run out of cherry and then you'll be stuck with Mountain Dew or orange.

According to Facebook, dancing is not required, but encouraged while redeeming your free Slurpie. Suggested dance moves? The Running Man is great, the Macarena, not so much.

The offer, by the way, is good all day. We're just kidding about the cherry flavor, by the. We like all the flavors. Especially the brain freeze part.

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