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Seven New Flavored Waters to Enhance Your Hydration

At some point, humanity discovered that water was essential to its well-being and that access to clean water was an important block in developing a community. The human body is approximately 60/65 percent water, and as such, its daily intake as a fluid or present in water-rich foods is corporeally necessary for good health. Nothing is quite as a refreshing as an ice-cold glass of water on a hot day after exercising or spending energies in similar activities.

Well, until recently, anyway.

Because for as much as water was perfectly OK, there came a point when humans (read: marketing and ad agencies) decided that water was a tasteless and boring liquid that could cause a complete shutdown of your brain due to its extreme inanity. And that was the rise of the "flavored waters" and hydrolyzing frenzy brought to a satirized light in the cheeky Mike Judge film Idiocracy.

Here are seven new waters looking to revitalize your body with their nutritious and, quite frankly, befuddling taste approaches.

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Abel Folgar