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Sex in Restaurants, Gastropub Burgers, and Best Seafood Restaurants in Miami

Perhaps there's a more salacious reason some fancy restaurants keep white tablecloths rather than modern-up with minimalist decor: sex in restaurants, reports today's New York Post.

Sex in public is so very New York since according to Joseph Couture, author of "Peek: Inside the Public World of Private Sex," "restaurant trysts serve as status symbols for ambitious New Yorkers."

And here I thought sex in restaurants was happening everywhere. Most popular places for getting off? Men's room stalls and . . . at the table. Extra napkins, please.

In the event you are still wondering what a gastropub burger is,

Serious Eats defines it as in between a pub patty and a fancy-pants burger. The criteria:

"it must be freshly ground," in-house presumably, and cannot be mussed up with ketchup, though mustard and mayo are fine. Apparently, the venue matters, since gastropub burgers must be served in a place with "bare

wooden countertops" that features at least a dozen craft beers. Check out the full article here. What are our contenders? Rok:Brgr? Brother Tuckers

In today's last link, Miami's Lee Klein names the top five seafood restaurants in Miami. In it, he makes an observation that's been on my radar: "...there are a few other fine fish restaurants -- too few for a coastal city, really -- that are worth mentioning..." Which leads me to question: which seafood restaurants are superlative and why aren't more restaurants serving local catch?

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