Sexiest Lips Contest Through Oct. 27 at M Bar in Fort Lauderdale

Think you've got a sexy set? Of lips, that is - mind out of the gutter, people. While some bars pull in the crowds with hot body or wet T-shirt contests, M Bar's take on the quintessential South Florida sexy showdown leaves a bit more to the imagination. The Fort Lauderdale hangout is hosting The Sexiest Lips Contest through Thursday October 27 as a fundraiser for Glam-a-Thon and Broward Health Foundation to fight breast cancer.

The gist of the contest is pretty simple:

stop by the bar, ask for an entry card, and give it a sexy little kiss.

The "kisses" will be judged at 9 p.m. Thursday by M Bar's Jack Mancini,

Tammy Gail of Glam-a-Thon, and the owner of LuLu Cosmetics. The bar

hopes to raise $1,000 to fight breast cancer. By entering the contest,

you'll have a chance to win $250 and if you donate $5 when you enter,

you'll get a free Stella Artois draft beer.

Mancini said there are no rules other than that you should wear lipstick

or Lulu lipgloss when you pucker up, and he wouldn't cop to any ways you

could get ahead in the competition; "everyone has their own definition

of what's sexy so there's no real way to get a leg up," he said via


The "sexiest impression" will be chosen during M Bar's ladies' night with drink specials and $3 tapas.

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