Sexy Halloween Costumes That Say "Eat Me"

Halloween is the one day a year you can really let your inner alter ego freak flag fly.

Regardless of the rest of the year, it's the one night when boys can be girls, angels can be devils, and humans can be...food. Sexy food. Hot, spicy, and mouthwatering.

Yes, we've all seen slutty Big Bird, but we're talking about clever costumes that work that sexiest of all organs -- the brain. Plus they're all kind of funny.

Here are our favorite incredible edibles for Halloween. Bon appetit!

Fork and Spoon
Normally we don't like those matchy--matchy couples costumes. But, since this is both food-related and sends a strong political message in the middle of an important campaign season, we're all for it. Bring out the good (life-sized) silverware and let everyone know that you're all for a woman's right to choose (her own cutlery pattern) because everyone knows that Spooning Leads to Forking.

Naked Sushi Model
Naked sushi models are hot. Just thinking about lying on a bed of lettuce and having beautiful strangers eat off our nude bodies is a turn on..until we're brought back to the reality that a little hot wasabi too close to some tender parts probably burns like hell. This costume is a safe way to play out our food fantasies.

Fortune Cookie
Let's face it. There are some men who loathe getting all decked out in a Halloween costume. But there's no man we know that wouldn't go for wearing this costume. Especially when the fortune says, "You've got a big surprise."

You're hot stuff, a little on the spicy side, and you go well with everything. Show the world your spicy side and channel you're inner sriracha.

Who doesn't like a big bowl of pasta -- especially when it's accompanied by a hot Italian sausage?  That's some spicy (meat)ball.

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