Shaquille O'Neal, O.J. McDuffie, Mark Duper at Dry Fried Wings Opening (Photos)

Not only did basketball great and Jack-of-all-trades Shaquille O'Neal show up at the opening of Fort Lauderdale's Dry Fried Wings, the sports superstar immersed himself in the job by greeting fans and getting his hands dirty -- with wing sauce, of course.

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It all went down last Friday afternoon, as Shaq and friends showed up at the restaurant, tucked inside DaVinci's Pizzeria (2926 N. Ocean Boulevard) on Fort Lauderdale Beach, for a meet and greet with fans and a spot of lunch.

Also at the event were former Miami Dolphins players Mercury Morris, Jim Kiick, Mark Duper, OJ McDuffie, and everyone's favorite celebrity dad Michael Lohan.

According to a Dry Fried Wings spokesperson, O'Neal's only stake in Dry Fried Wings is as a fan. If you want to eat like Shaq, an order of six wings is $5.99, and a dozen wings are $10.99. 10 wings and a pitcher of beer are $15.99, and an order of wings and rings are $9.99.

Shaq's a fan of Dry Fried Wings. Wonder if that's the key to being big and strong?

Mark Duper enjoys some Dry Fried Wings.

O.J. McDuffie's turn to score some lunch.

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