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Shit Foodies Say (Video)

There are about a gazillion different Shit (Fill in the Blanks) Girls Say videos. I love 'em all, especially Shit Miami Girls Say.

Anything that pokes harmless fun at our neighbors south of the border (and by border, we mean the Miami-Dade/Broward county line), because it really applies to all of South Florida. Who among us hasn't said the word irregardless at some point in their lives?

I especially love the way the girl in the video pronounces salmon (uhhh,

honey? The L is silent - just so you know)... and asks for the

restaurant's cheapest pink wine. Watch Miami girls (and guys) butcher the language and food here:

I was thrilled to learn that a friend and fellow blogger, Mijune Pak, who writes Follow Me Foodie, came up with her own video.

Mijune, whom I spent time with on a blogger's retreat in Jamaica, is totally hilarious in this video. Watch as the Vancouver blogger gushes over food, pronounces dishes wrong, and snaps photos like a camera nazi -- all in the name of being a foodie... or not.

Mijune, by the way, was equally funny in person. The girl is a fearless eater (eating live baby octopus is a fun afternoon snack) who wore a sundress and peep-toe pumps on a trek through coffee country in the Jamaican Blue Mountains. 

Anyone who can look like Carrie Bradshaw and eat like Andrew Zimmern wins points in my book. Now if she would only learn to enjoy the pleasures of rum, she'd be perfect.

Fall in love with her here:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.