Shooters Shooting Incident Involved Miami-Dade Corrections Officer

An off-duty Miami-Dade Corrections officer was involved in a shooting at Shooters Waterfront Cafe this past weekend.

The incident happened this past Saturday evening around 6:40 p.m. when, according to Fort Lauderdale Police, Marcus Leon Thompson "reached into his right pocked where is unholstered firearm was located, to retrieve money and a valet ticket, when he accidentally discharged his firearm as he reached in."

The discharged bullet "hit the metal base of the table and fragmented, causing minor shrapnel injuries to multiple persons surrounding the immediate area", including Maryanne Hubschman, who was transported to Broward General Hospital by ambulance.

According to the report, her husband, Richard Hubschman, said he, "heard a bang and thought it was a firecracker but was not aware it was a gunshot until he realized his wife was injured." A server at Shooters also suffered a "burning sensation in her right upper thigh".

According to the incident report, before police arrived, Thompson handed the Shooters' service manager "$100 with the bill and left the restaurant behind his wife". The manager realized what had occurred and "found Thompson outside the restaurant near a bush and advised him to wait for police."

Police arrived on the scene shortly after the incident and retrieved a Glock 19 9mmm firearm and a loaded magazine from Thompson's left pocket, along with a Miami-Dade Corrections Department Firearms Qualification Card, which indicated the gun was approved for on-duty use.

Charges were not immediately filed, but Fort Lauderdale Police are still investigating the incident.

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