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Can't get enough of South Florida food news? Does your entire weekend consist of trying out new restaurants and bars? Do you have more pictures of burgers than of your family on your iPhone?

If so, my friends, you simply must subscribe to New Times' Cafe Bites if you haven't already. Cafe Bites is the weekly e-newsletter that brings the best food and beverage tips directly to your inbox.

Every Wednesday, Cafe Bites fills you in on the latest restaurant openings, gives you inside information on events and deals, and even suggests the perfect date night. It also provides secret information not found even on Clean Plate Charlie (hey -- we've got to save some "bites" of intel for this, don't we?).

Cafe Bites is totally free, and if you sign up by August 1, you'll have a chance to win free barbecue for a year at VooDoo BBQ & Grill.

One lucky winner will receive a voucher book that includes 53 vouchers, good for any menu item at VooDoo BBQ & Grill for up to $10. The book also includes discount coupons for a total value of $550 worth of meaty deliciousness.

The winner will also get a VooDoo BBQ gift pack filled with two T-shirts, two sports bottles, two lanyards, two sets of Mardi Gras beads, one Frisbee, and one stain-removal stick (eat barbecue every week for a year and you know that's going to come in handy).

Up for the awesomeness? If so, just go to our "Free Stuff" page and register. You'll automatically be signed up for the drawing and Cafe Bites. Check out this week's dining newsletter -- as well as our many others -- here.

Good food -- and good information -- has never been so easy.

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