Six Places to Get Dairy-Free Ice Cream in South Florida for National Ice Cream Month

Summer days were made for ice pops and swirly soft serve. And with National Ice Cream Month upon us, now's the time to start debating favorite flavors and that age-old question: chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?

Unfortunately, indulging in frozen treats isn't as easy for the lactose-intolerant and vegan eaters among us. Luckily, we've done the legwork and sought out the best spots to score dairy-free ice cream and desserts in South Florida. Bon appetit.

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6. TCBY, Miami

For the calorie-conscious, antidairy eaters, TCBY's Silk Coconut Milk froyo is the best bet. Depending on locale, this light, gluten-free dessert comes in chocolate-almond, vanilla-almond, and coconut-coconut (coconut flavored, made with coconut milk). Best to call your local outpost to make sure it carries it, but you can for sure score some at the TCBY in Coral Gables.

5. Sublime, Fort Lauderdale

This ever-popular meatless eatery is known for its decadent desserts, particularly its celebration-worthy ice cream sundae. It's two scoops of house-made vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and peanut and makes a fitting finale for any special-occasion dinner. For dinner, may we suggest the frito misto? A MUST.

4. Bunnie Cakes, Miami

While known for its impossibly moist vegan cupcakes and gluten-free wizardry, this bakery slash lunch spot also offers vegan gelato (and milk shakes!). In addition to gelato in a variety of flavors, you can score a vegan ice cream cookie sandwich -- vegan vanilla gelato from Dolci Peccati pressed between two gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

3. Darbster, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach

This foodie favorite serves vanilla coconut milk ice cream as an à la mode addition to its decadent dark chocolate brownie. In even more exciting news, it'll have homemade ice cream on the menu starting September 1. Darbster's chef is all about making everything in house, and creamy treats are no exception. By January 1, it'll be introducing signature flavors too.

2. Milk Gone Nuts, Miami Beach

This unassuming lunch counter and non-dairy-milk-shake spot is owned by a mom and daughter who are all about creative concoctions. Using fancy Italian molds, they've created a host of homemade ice pops, all vegan, all natural. From fresh coconut milk with bittersweet chocolate coating to raspberry with lime zest and fresh mint, these are treats you won't find anywhere else.

1. Green Bar Kitchen, Fort Lauderdale

This mecca of plant-based deliciousness has a soft serve so creamy, it'll fool any of your dairy-loving friends. It's nut-free and gluten-free and everything you could ever want in an ice cream. Currently, it's serving the newly launched "Crazy Carrot," plus vanilla, and it swaps out with pure matcha green tea and chocolate. It also plans to offer seasonal flavors in the future. (Is it too early to start pushing for pumpkin?)

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