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Skittles Shots? Try Them at Tap 42

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"When I started [at Tap 42] the cocktail menu was the usual list of stock recipes from the distributor -- one of them was even called 'Swamp Water,'" said Nast. "Who wants to drink something that looks and tastes like swamp water?"

Instead, Nast got to work creating unique and "drinkable" cocktails with ingredients made from scratch and utilizing local ingredients from nearby Marando Farms. Today you'll find Nast behind the bar most days, mixing cocktails and tending to supplies, a regular routine of blending fresh fruit purees and reducing herbs like thyme, clove, anise, lavender and basil into simple syrups. Ask for a whiff of Nast's spiced agave, an aromatic blend of mystery spices she uses in the "42 Kisses" cocktail, a simple but potent blend of Tito's vodka and fresh muddled strawberries.

It's one of seven hand-crafted cocktails you'll find on the new Tap 42 drink menu, which debuted just in May (a finalized version went live a few weeks ago), and new items are already selling faster than Nast can make them. Even her recent addition, a 3-liter, 5-week barrel-aged White Manhattan, has been a fast favorite. An intense drink that combines Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash (a fancy name for corn whiskey), two different French vermouths (Dolin Blanc and Lillet Blanc), and orange bitters for a heady, amber-hued drink that has layers of flavor, an oaky aroma wafting from the glass.

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