Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor Potentially Houses America's Best Restroom: Vote Now

Forty-seven flavors of ice cream is pretty cool, and so are the hand painted tickle-me-pink walls. The giant kaleidoscopic lollipops and miniature choo-choo train are worthy of shout-outs too, but the bathroom at Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor is where the magic happens.

The glass wall exposes the toilet throne to the entire parlor. But to the mystification of patrons, once the door handle is locked, the transparent barrier opaques and your intimate bathroom rituals remain concealed.

The word has gotten out, and the Palm Beach bathroom has been inducted into Cintas' Bowl Games where citizens will vote to determine America's best bathroom. We understand it's a democracy, but our 561 street cred is on the line, so we urge you to vote, press refresh, and then vote again. Polls close October 31st.

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Back in August Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor in CityPlace received an unusual call from Cintas, a restroom servicing company. They were informed that they were in the running to become America's best bathroom.

This isn't the first time the infamous bathroom has been nominated. Back in 2003, the Travel Channel declared it the tenth best bathroom in the world. It was one of only three other bathrooms in nation.

"We actually posted a sign on the screen asking patrons that use the bathroom to please vote for us," manager Ilaria Tagaviello says. "We have no idea how many people have voted, but we all [from the store] voted, and so did our family and friends."

The contest is now in its 12th year and Sloan's has yet to take home "the coveted Cintas' America's Best Restroom plaque of recognition". Ritzy restrooms from the Waldorf Astoria in New York City and the Alex Madonna Gold Rush Steak House in California are also in the running (the Tampa International Airport restroom is the only competition from Florida).

Polls close October 31st so vote now.

Even if they don't win, Sloan's is unveiling their fifth outpost in Delray Beach in mid-November. "We are really excited about our new Delray Beach store opening," Tagaviello touts. "Hopefully if we don't win this year, we will win next year with the Delray bathroom. It has pink tiles and gold and diamonds sparkling on the floor."

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