Slow Food and Whole Foods Take Back Our Plates

I've got to admit: I'm a bad conscientious foodie. I've had a copy of King Corn sitting on top of my DVD player at home for about six months now. At least once a week, I look over at it and think, "I need to watch that damned movie."

Thanks to Whole Foods and Slow Food USA, I have absolutely no excuse now. The pair is launching a nationwide program called the Retake Our Plates Film Series, and it's hitting theaters across the country April 17 and 18.

Locally, that means screenings of King Corn, Big River, The Garden, Fast Food Nation, and Food, Inc. at Cinema Paradiso (503 SE Sixth St., Fort Lauderdale).

The idea, says the PR, is to trigger awareness and encourage action to

remedy the problems facing the U.S. food system. Through these films,

Whole Foods and Slow Food hope to start a discussion among consumers

about what it is, exactly, that they're eating.

The films will cost $7 to attend, and a drawing will be held for Earth-friendly prizes beforehand. Plus, you can meet with like-minded Slow Food Glades to Coast

members (the local chapter of Slow Food) and get more info on


As for me, I'll be popping King Corn into my DVD player this week.


Here's the schedule:

April 17-

2:30 p.m. King Corn/Big River

4:30 p.m. Fast Food Nation

April 18-

Noon The Garden

2 p.m. Food, Inc.

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