SNL Shows What Happens When Your Son Brings Home a Turkey (Video)

Thanksgiving is the time for families to gather for a family meal. It's also the time when tensions run high as new people are introduced into an already-tight family unit.

The introduction of a new sweetheart to a family is nothing new. In fact, Hollywood has made so many movies -- from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner to Meet the Fockers -- that when Saturday Night Live tackled the subject, it could have resulted in a skit as stale as the bread used to make Thanksgiving stuffing.

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Instead, SNL, chose to insert a bit of surrealism into the mix -- choosing to use the Hunger Games' Peeta (guest host Josh Hutcherson) in a PETA-approved skit (see -- we went there) about what would happen when your prodigal son returns home for Thanksgiving...and brings a turkey (as his date).

The scene is hilarious, even though we would have loved to see the tables turned, with turkeys having the feast. The entire set up is worth the moment when Vanessa Bayer eats corn out of Hutcherson's hand, alone:

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