SNL Thanksgiving: Kissing Family Makes Your Family Look Less Weird

We promise that this is the last Thanksgiving post for 2011, but we had to share this Saturday Night Live skit which made us feel really good about our completely weird family holidays.

Remember the Aunt who kissed too much?  We remember running under the table, hiding in a closet, climbing a tree to get away from her clutches. When she finally caught up to us, we'd be smothered in the cloying scents of cheap drugstore perfume as she held us to her too ample bosom then covered our faces in orange frosted lipstick. We were mortified....until we saw this SNL skit.

Jacob brings his girlfriend Lucy to meet his overly affectionate family for Thanksgiving. We're talking years of therapy from this family. Trust us - you'll never have good thoughts about Chapstick or Brussels sprouts again.

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