Would you eat this man's dip?
Would you eat this man's dip?
Flickr/Arlen MAC

Snoop Dogg Demonstrates His Favorite Super Bowl Recipes

You know you wish you were invited to watch the Super Bowl with Snoop Dogg. Picture his party... beautiful girls clad in short skirts and pastel wigs, rap stars and sports figures hanging out watching the game while eating chips and drinking Pepsi.  That's right, Snoop's turned in his gin and juice for Pepsi, and he's not afraid to tell the world. 

What you didn't know is that Snoop is also a world-class chef who knows his way around the kitchen. In this hilarious video, Snoop shows some random Pepsi dude how to make his favorite Super Bowl recipes -- Fillet RaTois Bowl of Chips (recipe: Get a bowl. Put chips in bowl) and Seven Eight Layer Dip (because it's a big game, let's add another layer). Watch and learn from the master of Super Bowl cooking.

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