Snoop Dogg Seeks Pot Growing Advice From Welsh Farmer

We love us some Snoop Dogg - from pimping with Katy Perry to smoking large amounts of herb, the man still finds time to tour the world...and personally invite noteworthy individuals via his YouTube channel.

Using hashtag #WhenSnoopsInEurope, the rapper has been sending video invites to famous Europeans to come to his show. 

So far, he's invited Pippa Middleton ("I want you to come onstage and

drop it like it's hot"), Prince Harry ("from the prince to the king

--roll out the red carpet"), and footballer Gareth Bale ("I've been

called player of the year many times"). 

But the most interesting

invitation was for Welsh farmer Ian Neale to come backstage at a recent

Snoop Dogg show and give the rapper some growing tips for


Seems as though Neale is known for

growing gigantic vegetables, including the world's biggest Swede

(rutabaga to us Americans), a 38.92 kilo (thats 85.62 pounds to us

Americans) vegetable.

Neale took Dogg up on his offer to go

backstage, where they shared their passion for growing things. Neale

advised the herb-growing rapper to use Root Grow, a natural fertilizer on his...ummm...herb garden, then shared a smoke (not tobacco) with Dogg, though it's not known if Dogg ate any turnips during the meeting.

Here's the Snoop Dogg shout out/invitation to farmer Ian Neale:

Watch Welsh farmer Ian admit to sharing a toke with Dogg at the 2:04 mark:

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