So Long, Arrivederci, Adieu, Adios, and WTF?

With all the new restaurants opening in our fair burg nowadays, you might think all is sweetness, light, milk, honey, and beds of red roses in the local dining industry. 

You would be, uh... wrong.

Several restaurants have either formally gone to that great Dumpster in the sky or are looking like they already have one foot in and the other is poised to join it. So for the record: 

The demise of Moquila in Boca Raton has been predicted more

often than Generalissimo Francisco Franco's, but this time, you really

can stick a fork in the haute Mexican eatery. There are both "Restaurant

Available" and tax levy notices posted on the windows, and the phone

has been disconnected. Say goodnight, Mo. 

Things are a little more mysterious in a pair of other Boca restaurants, Zup and the recently opened Sammy K's Grille.  

UPDATE: According to the restaurant's Facebook page, it seems Zup does intend to reopen... sometime. "Check back with us soon," it says, for reopening info. Well, okay. . . The

seemingly popular deli-café Zup -- "THE place for world famous Zups,

Zalads and Zandwiches" -- was closed up tight and pretty messy-looking

inside on a recent Tuesday afternoon. According to the restaurant's

Facebook page, it had apparently shut down for a time and was slated to

reopen as Pickles Restaurant & Deli two weeks ago. A call to the

restaurant's phone number gets the message "not currently accepting

calls," and an email to owner Johnny Z got no response. You do the


Sammy K's, which in March moved into a restaurant-eating

location, Royal Palm Place, doesn't look as disheveled inside, and a

phone call elicits a cheery greeting and a request to leave a message. So

far, though, no response to mine. And no one picks up during lunch or

dinner hours. Other nails in the coffin: The restaurant isn't listed on

Royal Palm Place's dining directory and has been deleted from the Open

Table database. PDQ KO, I'd say.

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