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Sofia Vergara Visits BurgerFi in Delray Beach

Apparently, the newest restaurant hotspot for 2012 is not what you would normally imagine. It would be no surprise to see A-list actresses, politicians, and celebrities grazing upon foie gras at restaurants like Buccan or Cafe Boulud. But lately they're not.

Earlier this year, the ultimate one-percenter, former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney was spotted with his campaign staff noshing on burgers at BurgerFi in Delray Beach. Now the "better burger" joint is in the headlines again for its most recent celebrity admirer: Sofia Vergara. Details after the jump.

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Vergara, best known for her role on the T.V. show Modern Family, stopped by the now infamous BurgerFi location for a quick bite to eat with fiancé, businessman, Nick Loeb. According to our sources, Vergara was seen noshing on a Chicken Apple Dog, while she and future hubby shared  the secret menu Urban Fries (fries topped with parmesan, herbs, and garlic aioli), onion rings, and a red velvet concrete (vanilla custard layered with red velvet cake).

BurgerFi chain is well-known for its all-natural and hormone-free "healthier" burger options. The Florida chain, which is opening its thirteenth location in Davie this January 23, will be opening its next location in the Upper East Side of Manhattan at the end of next month.

However, given the high-profile appearances, we're thinking the Delray Beach location will remain the most famous. How often do you see presidential candidates and A-list actresses throwing back burgers? We're going to have to say barely ever,

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Sara Ventiera