Something for Everyone at Siam Rice Thai and Tapas

Shrimp Pad Thai and Siam Rice.
In today's food centric culture, eating obscure ingredients and dishes is almost like racking up Boy Scout merit badges. It's how those of us with unholy food obsessions keep score.

Siam Rice Thai and Tapas in Hollywood had flickers of the authenticity many gastronauts seek, like strips of Thai basil on a steak and rice dish.

Emphasis here is on the appetizers. Nearly 30 of them took up the inside of the trifold menu. None was more than $8, and it would be easy to make a complete meal for two out of four or five well-picked options. Choices ranged from steak bites to a seaweed salad ($4.95) that was fresh, crunchy, and salty thanks to a hit of fish sauce.

The restaurant unabashedly, and successfully, adjusts many flavors to suit American tastes. Food snobs often call it bastardizing cuisine. Yet at Siam Rice dishes are flavorful and well priced. For example Siam rice chicken wings, which promised the poultry appendages in a "special sauce," turned out to be large, juicy, crispy wings coated in a generic sweet chili sauce. Yet take those same wings to a neighborhood bar and they'd be a guaranteed hit with everyone except that grumpy guy from Buffalo.

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