South Florida Beer Week: Cigar City's Phil Palmisano Tells Us How to Navigate a Week of Craft Beer

South Florida Beer Week (January 19-26) has the potential to be the best of times for Florida beer fans. But anyone who's downed a few 10 percent ABV beers in one evening knows that it also could make for some epically terrible mornings. In preparing for the upcoming days of bacchanalian pursuits, Clean Plate Charlie turned to an expert for tips on how to successfully navigate a week of heavy beer consumption.

As the South Florida Representative for Tampa's beloved Cigar City Brewing, Phil Palmisano knows a thing or two about forming a healthy relationship with craft beer. After the jump, find his five-point plan on how to have an awesome South Florida Beer Week (which will include plenty of opportunities to sample Cigar City brews).

Stay tuned to Clean Plate Charlie in the coming week: We'll have more from Palmisano and other Florida craft experts.

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When asked how to get through the week without agonizing daily hangovers and other unpleasantries, Palmisano said, "This is the million dollar question, isn't it." As "someone that lives this scene everyday," Palmisano's plan is as follows:

1. Map out what you want to do

"This is important with so many events within one week. Pick something every night that is new and different; travel a bit to some places that you have never been. Just as you try different beers, try different venues that serve amazing suds."

2. Moderation

"With so many events in one week, have fun, but be responsible. Keep in mind that there are other events to try some of these crazy beers that you may have never had. And never drink and drive." (Clean Plate Charlie's two cents: We'll second that. Call a cab or switch up designated driver roles with your drinking buddies throughout the week.)

3. Practice the buddy system

"Bring a buddy, or four, with you to share some of these beers that are being tapped that you would like to try. This allows everyone to try everything they want. And isn't beer always better with good company anyways?"

4. Hydrate

"This is probably most important for attending beer festivals, but keep in mind that water is your friend!"

5. Have fun

"Remember; 'Beer People are Good People' and meet some new friends along your journey."

Put these tips to use while sampling Cigar City Brewing beers, which will be highlighted at numerous events during the week, including a Caja China pig roast with Cigar City at Sybarite Pig in Boca Raton on January 20 and a tap takeover at Tap 42 in Fort Lauderdale on January 22. Clean Plate Charlie will post more details on other Cigar City events in the coming week.

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