South Florida's Best Bar Snacks

Bar snacks are big right now. I'm not just talking about wings, spart dip, and potato skins. The proliferation of small plates means that savory bites on toast, dolled-up vegetables, and crispy fritters show off the creativity, skill, and often sense of humor in the kitchen.

After the jump, here's a list of ten we've found riveting. A note: no sliders or fries for this post, as they're each a category unto themselves.

10. Indian spiced chickpeas at M Bar
Delicate chickpeas are battered and flash-fried, then sprinkled with chili powder and lime.

9. Pretzel rolls at Tryst
What's not to love about these mini footballs served with grainy mustard? They're crusty and salty on the outside with a pillowy interior. Save some for dinner, as they're delicious for mopping the plate.

8. Shishitou peppers at Kapow! Noodle Bar
A handful of these play like roulette.

Though most of them offer sweet heat, every so often you'll get a hot

one with an extra dose of capsaicin. Chef Villacrusis dresses them with a

light panko tempura, stuffed with mascarpone, layered with a hint of


7. Honey-roasted nuts at Philippe Chow
There's something about house-made nuts that makes them addictive. Here, it's the combination of fat, sweet, and sea salt. You may not stop eating them. Not to mention, they're free.

6. Texas nachos at Texas Hold 'Em
These are a guilty monstrosity of chips covered with shredded pork, chicken, or beef, hot peppers, and cheese.

5. Conch fritters at Coconuts
A batter is seasoned with peppers, celery, and garlic and dotted with conch to produce fried rounds of deliciousness, served with a lime and Tabasco-spiked dipping sauce.

4. Death sauce wings at Tap 42
Order this dish for the circus element of wings on fire. It's perhaps more fun to watch someone sweat through an order to earn a free beer rather than eating them yourself.

3. Fish meatball at Gaysha
Sounds strange, but this off-menu item is delightful: Whitefish and tuna meatball is seared in soy butter, served with sriracha and a tofu dipping sauce. It's super umami.

2. Deviled eggs at the Office
Order these sans truffle oil for a delicious take on the paprika-doused hard-boiled classic.

1. Dates at Dada
You can't help but love this mainstay, chef Feingold's rendition of dates stuffed with goat cheese, chorizo, and tomato confit and wrapped in bacon.

Do not hold your tongue. Please tell us in the comments where to go and what to eat next for strange, satiating, or stellar bar snacks.

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