South Florida's Best Margaritas
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South Florida's Best Margaritas

Margaritas and palm trees belong together, so it's no wonder South Florida is awash in tequila goodness. Clean Plate Charlie takes a look at some of the best margaritas in Broward and Palm Beach. These are finalists in the Best Of issue that will hit the stands in June -- as usual, feel free to let us know what we missed. 

Canyon Southwest Café 

The Day-Glo

pink of Canyon's Prickly Pear Margarita hints at the Hawaiian Punch flavors

favored by college girls with bad fake IDs, but devotees swear by this

balancing act of a beverage. The subtle sweetness of prickly pear is tempered

by the sour of lime and works in tandem to help the medicine (in this case,

tequila) go down. Women pay $5 for the drink during happy hour, nightly --

except Saturday -- until 7 p.m.

Julio's signature cocktail is the swirl. The frozen mix of margarita and homemade

sangria, dressed with a festive, pink, plastic flamingo, is the kind of drink

that tourists snap pics of and post to Facebook to make their friends up north

feel insanely jealous. More-traditional boozehounds may want to stick with the

clean taste of the Patrón Classic, a straightforward blend of Patrón Silver,

Citrónge, and fresh lime juice. 


an entire menu dedicated to tequila and a dozen signature margaritas on the

drink list -- plus the build-your-own option by way of the "flavored margarita"

-- it's easy to get that "kid in a candy shop" feel, assuming the kid is

actually an adult and the candy shop deals in high-end liquor. The Cadillac,

available by the glass or pitcher, is a good place to start: El Mayor Anejo,

Grand Marnier, and Rocco's house-made sour mix. 


for the view -- and maybe the character, the famous burgers, etc. -- and stay

for the margarita on the rocks. Specifically because it's just so damned easy

to down a couple of them, especially after spending a day baking in the sun on

Hollywood Beach a short walk from Le Tub's fully stocked bar. Served in a

plastic cup, just the way nature intended.


Mexican-street-food concept employed at this hotel restaurant calls for a

certain simplicity in ingredients; hence, the namesake cocktail, El Camino

($11), is nothing more than miargo blanco and fresh lime juice. There are other

choices, like the frozen prickly pear ($9) or the Cadillac, which clocks in at

$14. The seasonal margarita ($10), with choices like mango, lychee, strawberry,

or blood orange, can be served frozen or on the rocks.

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