South Florida's Best Patios

South Florida restaurants offer no shortage of patios and dockside bars. With the absolutely stunning weather, now is the time to hit up your favorites. We've only pulled ten, so feel free to pitch your favorites in the comments. After the jump, peruse our best patio list.

10. Tryst. Best view of the avenue
Grab a seat early on the charming deck, adorned with twinkling lights and framed by palms, that abuts Delray's Atlantic Avenue. An extensive beer selection and good eats pull in locals.

9. Le Tub. Most eclectic

This wacky, hand-built saloon looks like something constructed by the Beverly Hillbillies. Erected on the frame of a 1974 gas station, the waterside burger destination is punctuated by graffiti'd tubs and toilets nestled among tropical foliage. Grab a private table toward the back, or if you want to be in the thick of things, sit by the rail, where people perch to feed the tarpons.

8. Tap 42. Best (straight) people watching

This beer bar may not have much of a view of nature, but there's plenty to look at among the lovelies on the open-air patio, dimly lit by an illuminated tree and candles dotting communal tables. Here's where to hang in groups of twos and threes, as the indoor industrial design is a buzzy echo chamber.

7. DaDa. Most romantic

A giant banyan tree anchors the patio at DaDa, framed by tiki torches and firefly lanterns and adjacent to the restaurant built in a 1924 home. This is the place to tuck into a corner with a date, as dimly lit as the mood dictates.

6. Pelican Landing. Best marina bar
For casual happy hour eats and drinks, perch here for satisying fare as well as an elevated view of yachts and those aboard.

5. Coconuts. Best by the beach
We've already touted Coconuts plenty for solid cuisine, a terrific view, a local crowd, and dog- friendly dining. It's also a great patio should a storm bluster through, as adjustable overhangs will keep you dry.

Roxy's Best rooftop
The best place to rise above it all in West Palm is Roxy's, a decades-old haunt known for beer, burgers, and karaoke.

3. Rosie's. Best (gay) people watching

With its four on the floor playlist, witty entree names, and a revolving door of the most eclectic, fun crew in town, Rosie's is the place to go for brunch in particular.

2. Briny Riverfront Bar. Best spot to watch football

Don't let gangs of buoys and other tchotchkies distract you from the game. Sure it's not a sports bar in a strip mall with a bazillion TVs and servers decked in football jerseys. Yet the Briny has character. It's outside. You can hold court for the day. And Fido's welcome.

1. Southport Raw Bar. The Fort Lauderdale classic
Sure, the food isn't the best in town. But you'll find one of the loveliest views at this classic Fort Lauderdale stop popular with yachties, restaurant-types after hours, tourists, and anyone in between.

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