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South Florida's Ten Best Pet-Friendly Places to Eat and Drink With Your Dog

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Last week, Clean Plate Charlie threw a bone to the parents out there and laid out the ten best places to take your human child to enjoy a decent meal and minimal crap from your servers and fellow diners. But what about those of us whose favored kids are covered in fur and have no shame in eating food that's fallen on the ground and remained there way past the five-second rule? (OK; human children will definitely do the latter.)

In the interest of providing equal service to those who can't bear to be without their dog for a drink, lunch, and/or dinner, Clean Plate Charlie has assembled a list of ten of the best places to hang out with your (friendly, leashed) dog in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Are you a bad judge of character -- particularly after a few postwork beers and an especially long dry spell? The outdoor seating area at this bustling party spot on Himmarshee is friendly to friendly dogs, which means you can enlist your four-legged BFF to help you suss out that hot stranger trying pick you up over happy-hour drinks. If you catch a server who's particularly doting, your dog can get a bowl of water and maybe even a treat. Meanwhile, you can work on a plate of Baja mahi tacos and a bottle of Red Stripe while enjoying a prime spot for people-watching. 

Like its sister restaurant, Coconuts, the Foxy Brown has love for the four-legged creatures that walk among us. But unlike that waterside getaway, this little lunch and dinner spot has limited outdoor seating, so it may be safest to head here for late lunch and avoid the mealtime rush. Named for, among other things, the owner's dog, the Foxy Brown has a well-curated menu of crowd pleasers like niçoise salad and pretzels with beer cheese. Oh, and to state the obvious: Only friendly dogs need apply.


Dude, is it any surprise that a pizza joint this stonerriffic is, like, totally chill about the whole dog thing? As long as your pup is a laid-back bro, you and your dog can hang out on the outdoor patio and scarf down some rather awesome pies while you enjoy one of the dozens of craft beers available on tap or in a bottle. Best of all? The patio is fairly spacious and covered, so Fido won't be sweating his already-neutered cajones off while you share a slice.  

The perfectly poured pint of Guinness is reason enough to go out of your way to this quaint -- but by no means tiny -- Irish pub and restaurant. The banyan-shaded patio is a perfect spot to park yourself and your pooch while you feast on Emerald Isle favorites like shepherd's pie and corned beef and cabbage. Usual rules apply: Keep Fido on a leash and under control and you're good to sit and stay.


The vibes are good at this neighborhood coffee/lunch joint. The cozy little outdoor seating area is dog-friendly, with plenty of shade. Owner Patti Lucia has fostered a welcoming attitude, and don't be surprised if someone behind the counter brings your pup a bowl of ice water without your having to ask. The coffee drinks are great, but don't overlook lunch: The variety of house-made veggie burgers is mind-boggling, with everything from the sweet (garbanzo, mango, pineapple, and cilantro burger) to the savory (a yamburger with sweet potato, kidney beans, spinach, onion, curry, and cayenne). 

On any given day, Mizner Park is home to a parade of dogs from all walks of life. You've got everything from the tiny "purse" dogs who are carted around in bags that cost more than your monthly rent to the pampered pooches who get pushed around in strollers that cost more than one week's salary. Hell, you might even spot a dog who has to rough it and get around on his own paws. All of these guys are welcomed in the outdoor seating area at this lively Irish pub. There's plenty of shaded seating, so you and your doted-upon dog -- rest assured, the restaurant's manager adores pups and ensures they are well-cared-for -- can enjoy some classic Irish pub fare and a cool Guinness no matter the weather.

In the words of a pub employee, "as long as your dog is friendly and won't pee everywhere or chew anything up," he or she is totally welcome to come hang out with you and your pals as you tip back a pint of lager after a hard week of work. There's basically always at least one or two dogs cooling their little toe-pads in the bar, so it's a good spot to go if your dog likes to socialize with other canines. While most people come for the authentic British pub atmosphere, you can also enjoy some light pub grub like Scotch eggs and fresh-made chips.  

Just as Sox fans are loyal to a fault, this Delray Beach institution shows a bit of undying support for man's best friend. And, not unlike a sports fan, the love isn't entirely unconditional. Only nice, under-control, nonaggressive dogs are welcome to dine on the outdoor patio at this New England-vibed hangout. The reward for good behavior? A special "pooch patio" menu that includes gratis water, a nonalcoholic "bowser beer," and a small selection of dishes, ranging from scrambled eggs to steak. There's even a $24 bone-in rib-eye steak in case you need to make up to your dog for a particularly unpleasant visit to the vet's office.


Not nearly the cheesy tourist trap indicated by the tropic-themed name, this local favorite is a hangout for families of all varieties, including those of the fur-covered species. Dogs are welcome on the deck that overlooks the Intracoastal, so while you munch on lobster rolls or the jambalaya, your pup can peep at seagulls and munch on a plain burger. The typical rule about behavior applies: If your dog is cool to everyone, everyone will be cool to your dog.  

The vegetarian owners of this raw/vegan waterside bistro aren't just big-time bunny huggers; they've got a pretty bad case of puppy love too. Their restaurant is named for their poodle -- a rescue by way of a Midwestern puppy mill -- and the outdoor patio is a gathering place for animal lovers and their well-mannered fur babies. Oh, and another biggie to consider: All of the proceeds from the restaurant go to support the Darbster Foundation, which is dedicated to animal welfare and services (like spaying and neutering) that have a local impact. 

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