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South Florida's Ten Best Pet-Friendly Places to Eat and Drink With Your Dog

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The vibes are good at this neighborhood coffee/lunch joint. The cozy little outdoor seating area is dog-friendly, with plenty of shade. Owner Patti Lucia has fostered a welcoming attitude, and don't be surprised if someone behind the counter brings your pup a bowl of ice water without your having to ask. The coffee drinks are great, but don't overlook lunch: The variety of house-made veggie burgers is mind-boggling, with everything from the sweet (garbanzo, mango, pineapple, and cilantro burger) to the savory (a yamburger with sweet potato, kidney beans, spinach, onion, curry, and cayenne). 

On any given day, Mizner Park is home to a parade of dogs from all walks of life. You've got everything from the tiny "purse" dogs who are carted around in bags that cost more than your monthly rent to the pampered pooches who get pushed around in strollers that cost more than one week's salary. Hell, you might even spot a dog who has to rough it and get around on his own paws. All of these guys are welcomed in the outdoor seating area at this lively Irish pub. There's plenty of shaded seating, so you and your doted-upon dog -- rest assured, the restaurant's manager adores pups and ensures they are well-cared-for -- can enjoy some classic Irish pub fare and a cool Guinness no matter the weather.

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