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South Florida's Ten Best Pet-Friendly Places to Eat and Drink With Your Dog

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In the words of a pub employee, "as long as your dog is friendly and won't pee everywhere or chew anything up," he or she is totally welcome to come hang out with you and your pals as you tip back a pint of lager after a hard week of work. There's basically always at least one or two dogs cooling their little toe-pads in the bar, so it's a good spot to go if your dog likes to socialize with other canines. While most people come for the authentic British pub atmosphere, you can also enjoy some light pub grub like Scotch eggs and fresh-made chips.  

Just as Sox fans are loyal to a fault, this Delray Beach institution shows a bit of undying support for man's best friend. And, not unlike a sports fan, the love isn't entirely unconditional. Only nice, under-control, nonaggressive dogs are welcome to dine on the outdoor patio at this New England-vibed hangout. The reward for good behavior? A special "pooch patio" menu that includes gratis water, a nonalcoholic "bowser beer," and a small selection of dishes, ranging from scrambled eggs to steak. There's even a $24 bone-in rib-eye steak in case you need to make up to your dog for a particularly unpleasant visit to the vet's office.

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