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South Florida's Ten Most Romantic Restaurants

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4. Sublime -- Whether you're a full-fledged vegetarian or are just attempting to woo an attractive veg-head you met in line at Whole Foods, it's hard to miss with the appropriately named Sublime. The dishes are completely meat-free but are hearty enough to sustain you through whatever activities the evening may entail. The dining room is filled with elements (like an indoor waterfall "wall," plants, and lots of wood) that draw from nature. And don't think for a moment that because they shun animal products that alcohol is off the table. On the contrary; you'll find a nice list of organic wines and creative fruit- and herb-infused cocktails. 3. Six Tables -- As the name implies, there's no danger in feeling lost in a cavernous space at this slip of a restaurant in Boca Raton. With just one seating offered each night and reservations required, there's also a hint of intrigue; after all, you can't just wander in off the street and plop down in a chair. You've got to work a bit to make dinner here happen. For your efforts, you and your date will be rewarded with a five-course meal served all fancy-like with real china, crystal, silver, and linens. From the champagne welcome toast to the last bite of dessert, it's one classy affair.

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Tricia Woolfenden