South Park Riffs on Food Network with "Creme Fraiche"

I used to never miss an episode of the Comedy Central show South Park. It's skewering of pop-culture fads and personalities is unmatched, even if it often devolves into shock-value programming in the process. But last night's episode, titled "Creme Fraiche," might just be the best episode of South Park in years. Well, for foodies, that is.

In the episode, father and geologist Randy Marsh discovers he has a

secret addiction: late-night cooking shows starring Food Network stars

like Paula Deen and Alton Brown. Stan can't get enough of them -- he

oohs and aahs over brined pork tenderloin and gets all hot and bothered

with pan sauces. His unhealthy obsession starts to affect

his family when he begins cooking everything he sees on these shows.

For his wife, Sharon, the boiling point comes when Randy  attempts to

make frittata with creme fraiche one morning for breakfast. She picks up and leaves the house, taking up with a very unlikely partner.

The episode is definitely irreverent, shocking, and nasty, like every

South Park ever made. But its riffage on foodie culture is also pretty

hilarious and a little bit revealing. And you have to see what they do to Giada De Laurentiis. I couldn't stop laughing.

You can watch the full episode online at Just a fair warning: It's definitely VERY NSFW.

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