Specialty Beer Cellar Opens in Jupiter: Grab a Beer at the Bar or Grab a Six-Pack To Go

A new beer bar has opened in the Abacoa shopping center in Jupiter. With a focus on more than just craft beer, here you'll find an enormous selection of high-end European beer -- many from Germany, England, and Belgium.

The specialty focus is something missing from the area's local beer bar scene, according to owner Vincent DeVore, who opened Specialty Beer Cellar in May. While most beer bars cater to the American craft beer lover, he said, at Specialty Beer Cellar you'll find the taps dominated by import picks. From Belgium brews like La Caracole Saxo and Boon Kriek, to a Hofbrau Weisse or Reissdorf Kölsch from Germany, everything on tap and by the bottle is served by the bar's knowledgable staff who will assist you in selecting your own six-pack, or pour you a cold one to enjoy at the bar.

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Why a European-inspired beer bar at a time when American craft beer is on the rise? DeVore said wanted to offer an "authentic experience" similar to those you'd find in places like Amsterdam. With no prior industry experience, DeVore -- who currently works in the beer import business -- decided to open a place that would reflect the diversity of the European beer market.

"We are starting to [cultivate] the American beer bar atmosphere, but people don't necessarily know what the European version of that is yet," DeVore told Clean Plate Charlie. "The idea is to come here and feel like you're in Europe."

The 1,500-square-foot space has a rustic charm, from wooden shelves that stock rows of bottled beer, to the brick and concrete bar. The space is decorated with several high-top tables -- but no chairs -- a set-up that allows for a good view of a well-stocked wall of bottled beer, and encourages plenty of mingling. A large communal table sits at the front entry, while the concrete bar top has been paired with more than a dozen oversized wooden stools offering patrons a chance to sample any of the 16 beers on tap, or the menu's large selection of specialty beers by the bottle.

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The diversity of Specialty Beer Cellar's inventory, however, is found along the far wall spanning the length of the bar with shelves that hold close to 400 bottled beers, allowing patrons the choice to "create a six-pack" to carry out, meaning the bar also doubles as a late-night beer market. The selection focuses on European beer, but also offers a rotating list of American craft beers.

Side Note: Come more thirsty than hungry. The bar's food menu is limited to high-end chocolates, and a selection of bar snacks, including popcorn and pretzels, mostly for grazing.

The Specialty Beer Cellar is located at 5430 Military Trail in Jupiter, Florida. For more information call them at 561-855-2505, or find them on Facebook.

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