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Specialty Cocktails: Nick Scalisi's PB Spice and Watermelon SOB

Go to almost any bar, anywhere: You'll be sure to notice that craft cocktails are on the rise. Everyone is muddling away fresh fruits and herbs. But just like any trend, not all cocktails are created the same. Add just a bit too much bitters, an extra dash of citrus, another splash of simple syrup: You're getting an off-balance concoction that's not worth of the craft cocktail name. 

Of course, none of the aforementioned atrocities would ever take place if Nick Scalisi were mixing your drink. The mixologist devises delicious -- and well-balanced -- cocktails for PB Catch. And luckily, he gave us a couple of his secret recipes: the PB Spice Martini, a spicy combination of vodka, sage, and pineapple, and the Watermelon SOB, a refreshing blend of tequila, watermelon, and cilantro.

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PB Spice

2 Parts Stoli Hot Vodka
1 Part Sage Infusion (Equal parts water and sugar, 2 bunches of sage, 1/4 part salt, simmered           
1 Dash Pineapple Juice
1 Slice Jalapeño
1 Sage Leaf

Combine the first three ingredients in a mixer with ice. Shake to combine. Garnish with the slice of jalapeño and the sage leaf.

Watermelon SOB

2 Parts Patron Tequila
1/2 Part Cilantro Infusion (Equal parts water and sugar, 1 bunch cilantro, 1/4 part salt, simmered
1/2 Part Soda Water
2 Tbls Watermelon
1 Pinch Cilantro
1 piece micro watermelon

Muddle the watermelon, cilantro, and cilantro infusion. Add tequila and stir. Top with top and garnish with micro watermelon.

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Sara Ventiera