Spot Coffee Coming to Delray

Spot Coffee Coming to Delray

A new spot for caffeine junkies and café munchers is readying to make its Delray Beach debut.

Spot Coffee, the sixth coffee shop-café from a Canada-based chain, has already missed its once-projected July debut date, but the company promises that the Atlantic Avenue location will be "opening soon," even if it still looks like a construction site. 

When it does open, though, the local Spot will boast a lounge, bar and table seating, and a spacious indoor-outdoor patio. Of course, all the usual caffeinated subjects will be offered, made from beans roasted in-house, along with a fairly extensive café menu that features focaccia sandwiches, selection of multi-culti wraps, breakfast dishes from omelets to waffles, thin-crust brick-oven pizzas and desserts. 

Live music and free WiFi too. 


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