Squat-N-Gobble on the Paul and Young Ron Show

Jamie, chef/owner of underground restaurant Squat-N-Gobble, appeared Wednesday and Thursday morning on the Paul and Young Ron Show. The show brought me on a few weeks ago to talk about the phenomenon of rogue restaurants after I wrote this article.

For the unfamiliar, a rogue restaurant is a word-of-mouth eatery typically located in someone's house. People reserve spaces and pay a set price to eat among friends and strangers. In the case of SnG, the restaurant is open on Wednesdays and seats about ten people per session.

PnYR sent their production assistant, OMG Mike, to the Squat-N-Gobble last night, and it turns out he had a helluva time. After the jump, we've got the audio clips from Wednesday and Thursday.    

Wednesday night's clip:

We're having some -- ahem -- technical difficulties getting the file to stream. So for now, you can download the MP3 here. It's safe. Trust me.

To hear Thursday's, here's the link to download the MP3.

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