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Steak 954, Johnny V, and Hard Rock Casino Seek Cooks, Bartenders, Servers

I'm struck by how depressing Chipotle's employment campaign is. Opportunity is a lonely fast food burrito - for which we can't even see the food? It's so sad sack it reminds me of a scene in American Splendor in which Harvey Pekar wears a frown and slumps through garage sales, sifting through old records after his girlfriend dumped him.

Despite an abysmal marketing campaign, Chipotle is a strong enough brand that San Francisco rising chef Nate Appleman of A16 jumped ship from fine dining to work for Chipotle founder, Steve Ells. Interested? Opportunity knocks, my friends.

Looking for more high-end cooking gigs? Read on.

Stephen Starr, who's making news all over the place,

needs a sous at Steak 954. Applicants should have five years of fine dining

experience, as well as a history of managing 20 plus people. Position includes

benefits, two weeks vacation, and potential bonuses. Check it out.

Aroma Grill is slated to reopen in the former Half Time space in Deerfield Beach on August 28th. A fast casual spot with burritos, smoothies, sandwiches, and salads, the restaurant is looking for prep and line cooks as well as counter help.

The plot thickens from last week in the quest for the MOLECULAR MIXOLOGYST [sic]. The shouting management is in search of a mad scientist to TRAIN STUDENTS AND BAR STAFF with AIRS, LUMINISCENT, GELS, and FOAMS [sic]. Interested? Give 'em a phoner at Hard Rock Casino.

Looking for a BARTENDRESS at the soon to open Philippe Chow restaurant. Stop by today between noon and 6 p.m. As for the title: I've heard mixologist, bartender, mixmaster, but not bartendress yet. Sounds like a boozy superhero. Check out the listing here.

Kevin at Jersey Mikes needs help. I can't help but get nostalgic when I read this ad since it reminds me of growing up in Kevin Smith territory eating subs doused with vinegar and a heap of banana peppers. Nice work on the pre-game pep talk in this one.

Johnny V, one of the more stronger kitchens on Las Olas, is looking for line cooks with fine dining experience. Check it out here.

A private club is seeking escorts for mini adults. Sounds bizarre.

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