Stephen Colbert Loves GMOs, Introduces "Just Eat It" Food Line

Yesterday, Washington State voters struck down initiative 522 that would have mandated adding warning labels to genetically modified foods. While there might be a few people who think GMO's are bad and consumers have a right to know exactly what's inside the foods they eat -- Stephen Colbert is not one of them!

Calling the failed initiative a victory, Colbert rallied for GMO's in our foods, wondering why anyone would actually want to know what's inside all that delicious food we eat.

After all, he asks, "did the Pilgrims ask the Indians if that corn was genetically modified?"

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While that may be a valid point, we're not so sure about Colbert's solution to the GMO problem -- his new line of unlabeled foods, "Just Eat It."

Called "Just Eat It", each box would be unmarked and come with a blindfold. What's inside? Just shut up and "stick it in your mouth". The result?

Could be corn chips. Could be soup.

Could be this...

Ummm... Thanks but no thanks, Stephen.

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