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Stephen Starr Restaurant to Open in Lauderdale

Philadelphia restaurateur Stephen Starr thinks opening a restaurant is like going to war. Starr was named Restaurateur of the Year by Zagat, and he's said in an interview that restaurant reviews  "are the enemy. We're like the Marines going into battle." Well Starr and his crew are gearing up for WWIII in Fort Lauderdale; he's opening Steak 954 at the W Hotel on Lauderdale Beach on April 23rd. Starr Restaurant Group is responsible for Morimoto and Buddakan in New York, and Barclay Prime and Tangerine in Philadelphia: Starr is known for big, brash design ("food counts for 60 percent of your success;ambiance, including design, 40 percent," he has said, and "people want to eat food that's not frightening"). So far, other than the usual PR ("see-and-be-seen," "unbelievable dining environment," "genuine hospitality," blah blah blah) all we know about the place is that it'll have a jellyfish acquarium, but it doesn't sound like Starr is going to be serving the jellies as appetizers (too scary!!).

Anyway, I've already dug my trench outside the W and set up my cannons; I'm girdiing my loins for the ultimate battle, in which I plan to fight Starr to the death. Once I've finished eating my steak, that is.

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