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Still No Dinner Plans For Tonight?

For those procrastinators yet to nail down New Years Eve dinner plans, may

we suggest dialing 305-893-4211 and making reservations at chef Dewey

LoSasso's wonderful North One 10?

There are still seats available, and the cost is a more-than-reasonable

$60 ($75 with champagne toast) -- especially considering how enticing

the menu is. To begin, little bites of lamb and black eyed pea wontons;

wild mushroom crostini; roasted oysters with spinach and brie; and

white truffle garlic bread. Then a choice of a grilled prawn "pretzel"

with mustard sauce or Angus beef tartare garnished with root vegetable

chips, dried tomatoes, and "crispy truffle". Next course is choice of a

smoked duck/mozzarella/haricot vert salad or lobster risotto with

grilled fennel.

Main courses sound particularly fetching: Filet mignon with ossobuco

chowder, or black grouper with crab pierogi in a basil reduction, or

(in my mind the most tempting), double cut lamb chop with BBQ lamb

spare ribs, pumpkin pancake and pomegranate sauce. Table tastings of

berry shortbread, chocolate bread pudding, and maple syrup brulee cap

the meal.

A last tidbit of advice:Try to make it one of your New Years' resolutions to stop your damn procrastinating.

--Lee Klein




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Lee Klein